The first series of the British children's television series The Dumping Ground began broadcasting on 4 January 2013, before ending on 15 March 2013 on CBBC and BBC HD. The series follows the lives of the children in care at the fictional children's care home of Elmtree House. It consists of thirteen episodes. The first series was commissioned by CBBC in 2012. .


  1. Home Alone - Part 1 of Freedom
  2. Liberty in the DG - Part two of Freedom
  3. Baby
  4. S.O.S
  5. What would Gus Want?
  6. The Real Faith Davis
  7. The Truth is Out There
  8. Dreamland
  9. A Day In The Past
  10. Oh, Mo!
  11. Seriously Funny
  12. Esme
  13. Scary Beasts